Gift Planning

Andrew M. Rouse '49

When asked why he has been so involved with and generous to Franklin & Marshall over the years, Andy noted,

"There was never any question in my mind. On the day I left Lancaster for New York and Columbia Law School, I accepted as an obligation to support F&M as much as, in time, I hoped to be able.

This conviction was nave at the very best, for it was grounded in part, in ignorance of how a college was funded. I knew next to nothing of endowments in those days. I assumed that tuition, fees and the like was how it was done. And I thought that surely the institution was scraping by if my outlays in my F&M years multiplied was all there was. I visualized how much more of what was even then a good thing could be provided if members of the F&M family just pitched in when they were able.

I've learned a bit more in the past sixty years. Contributing is a bit more complicated, legally and emotionally, than I thought it was. It takes a lot more thought than just writing a check.

One thing, however, has not changed – at least for me. The College and the social and intellectual nexuses that it contained received an immature, shy and overly sheltered teenager and in three and a half years said goodbye to an assertive, ambitious and still very young man who learned at F&M – and still doesn't to this day know how – that repaying the institution that managed such a miracle in every way he could was an ethical imperative for him."

In 1986, Andy retired as a CIGNA Executive Vice President in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been a longstanding volunteer for Franklin & Marshall, including serving as a Trustee (1979-94), as an Emeritus Trustee (1994- ). Andy had a dream of developing and encouraging future generations of young leaders at the College. That dream became the Rouse Scholars Program.

A merit-based Rouse Scholarship is awarded to two F&M students per class and covers the cost of tuition, books and other academic expenses. In addition, Rouse Scholars can receive a grant for research and leadership projects. Students chosen to be Rouse Scholars have demonstrated unusual leadership while at Franklin & Marshall while also achieving academic excellence.

After Andy's death, his bequest to the College and the residual value of three charitable gift annuities that made fixed annual payments to him during his life will be placed in the Rouse Scholars (endowed) Fund. There those funds will support the Rouse Scholars Program in perpetuity, making a dream come true for Andy and for the generations of Rouse Scholars who will benefit from his generosity.

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